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Welcome to Delphine MUD!

Back online after a server switch! Now serving at port 4242.

Delphine MUD is a text-based Multi User Dungeon which was first opened for public in 1997. Our realm is a huge medieval fantasy world with many different races and guilds. The exp is good, the eq's even better and the discussion channels are very active.

Some of our features:
  • Race specific guilds
  • A huge realm
  • Angband
  • Random, customizable equipment

22/08/04 Level costs tuned.
22/08/04 Equipment damage implemented.
07/07/04 Battle system revised. Please report any bugs.

Connect to Delphine:

There are also other MUD clients available with built-in scripting and such.

When you start playing you should read the Newbie guide first.

Players currently online (6)
The latest monster slain was
'An nasty orcish thug'
Top expmakers from 24/06 to 24/07
1.Bogdan 16 859 700
2.Wakboth 11 257 700
3.Ardelith 25 552
4.Ice 0
5.Eve 0
6.Stu 0
7.Aku 0
8.Zmo 0
9.Oph 0
10.Yes 0
Latest announcements:
18/02 10:05 Dust
3800g, 50cm (the announcement is a bit late)
19/01 18:36 Dust
2810g, 47,5cm
15/11 18:58 Lilith
lilith points her finger to the world of delphine and dark clouds form over the sea. Single bolt of lightning hits the sea and atlantis merges from the depths..
12/11 20:06 Dust
A lively mansion used to reside at a lovely site on the countryside. But then, something went badly wrong....

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